Mysteryville 2

Mysteryville 2

Mysteryville 2 is a hidden objects adventure game for Windows
4.1  (14 votes)

Mysteryville 2 is a hidden objects adventure game for Windows. In the game, we are in a strange town called Mysteryville. This small place has such a suggestive name that we can expect anything to happen; and indeed some mysterious events have taken place, such as the disappearance of Bill Witowsky, a friend of the main character, Laura Winner, a journalist who has arrived to the town invited by her friend Bill. We must get involved and help her find her friend. This game features very realistic sceneries. In the first stage, Laura is talking with a female friend in a room full of objects everywhere. We must try to find her glasses and several objects that are very well hidden. If we are not used to this type of games, the task of finding hidden objects will not be an easy one, but we can use the helpful tips. After we have found all the required objects, we can go to the next stage. It is possible to keep several user accounts, adjust the music volume, play the game in full screen, and change our mouse cursor to a much more stylish one, view credits, and purchase the game. We can play the evaluation version of the game free of charge for 60 minutes.

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  • Superb sceneries
  • Free demo


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